Saturday, May 13, 2017

First Paint

Both Tiggs and Ro have now gotten their paintbrushes out for the first time.  Tiggs applying pigmet to her Space Orks and Ro to his Space Marines.  We covered some of the very basics of painting and dry brushing.  They found everything about it enjoyable.

What they labored to produce was much better than anything I did at their age.  If I recall correctly, at that age, I was apply paint to 1/72 ACW figures with a clumsy paint marker.  Going by some of the items I see on eBay these days, they'll be masterclass painters by the age of 14.

Tiggs has decided that her clan of Orks will be known as "Da Pink Teef".  Ro is still searching for his ideal chapter as he likes the idea of painting them how he wants.  Any chapter with Mantis or Scorpion in its title does catch his eye as he really likes the show "Monster Bug Wars" at the moment.

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