Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Begins...

As the years have gone by and the kids have grown-up fascinated by Dad's painting desk, their own interest in painting and miniatures have grown as well.  My youngest son's (hereafter referred to as "Ro") 8th birthday seemed like a good opportunity to introduce some more figures into his growing collection of Airfix 1/72 and 54mm plastic figures.  He's been a big fan of "Greatest Tank Battles" since the age of 4.

The seemingly natural starting place for sci-fi and fantasy has always, to me, been Games Workshop.  Not only due to my own introduction to them as a  young person, but also due to them having their own IP for each as well as being home to some LOTR products.  Ro's running interest in sci-fi via Star Wars (yes we have and play that game too) prompted me to choose his introduction into sci-fi miniature painting as some Space Marines.

I was able to find this set reasonably priced on eBay.  After the excitement of his party died down he looked more at this set and started planning.  His first question was whether or not he had to paint them like the guide or any way he wanted.  The gears were obviously turning.  Of course I told him he can paint them in any way he wants and explained the "chapters" or "teams" to him and how he could even come up with his own.  Anxious to get started so we assembled and primed them that night.  They are eagerly awaiting his brush and he's ready to take up the brush.  We shall see what he comes up with.

My approach to gaming with kids has always been simple.  Make it fun.  When playing games with them the rules are amended and simplified for that purpose alone, as I think they should be regardless.  On occasion I play "according to Hoyle" games with older people, but with my kids its all about creating the fun and rolling the dice while having some laughs and learning along the way.  With the youngest three of my five children just beginning their journey this will continue as my approach.

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